TextGrid: Digital editing – research – archiving


Open source tools and services support humanistic scholars during the whole process of research, especially in the entire work flow of producing digital editions.


The long-term archive allows safe storing, publishing and researching of versatile digital material – e.g. XML/TEI formatted text, images and databases.

Community / Dokumentation

The online help, mailing lists, a bug tracker and the source code enable users and developers to quickly start working with TextGrid.

Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum
DH-Videoclip Adventskalender – Tür 18
18. December 2014 Community
Heute stellt der DH-Videoclip Adventskalender das Projekt TEI Archive, Publishing, and Access Service, kurz TAPAS vor. Das Projekt ist an der Northeastern University angesiedelt und vereint im Projektteam so prominente Namen wie Julia Flanders und...
IDE meets DiXiT – Spring School 2015 Advanced XML/TEI technologies for...
17. December 2014 Lehre und Ausbildung
Call for Participation: We are very pleased to announce the Spring School on Advanced XML/TEI technologies for Digital Scholarly Editions organized and endorsed by the Institute for Documentology and Digital Editing e.V. (IDE) and the Digital...
DH-Videoclip Adventskalender – Tür 17
17. December 2014 Community
Enthusiastische Google-Mitarbeiter (Ist das Essen bei Google wirklich frei von Zusatzstoffen?) erklären in diesem Imagevideo wieso die Welt eine bessere Dank Googles Knowledge Graph ist. Get an under the hood look at the next frontier in Search...

DHd Channel on YouTube

On our DHd channel on YouTube, you may find videos about TextGrid, DARIAH-DE and the Digital Humanities in general.